While the cities burn below - (Market Monday - Lite)

Market Monday for June 1, 2020

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Dear Crypto Natives,

Both of these pictures were taken on Saturday.

Same day. Same country. Same protocol?

I’m struck by the juxtaposition.

On Saturday we ushered in a new era of space travel—the hope of our species—a colossal achievement—we were traveling to the stars while the cities burn below.

The cities burn below and the looters are to blame.

Yeah, which ones?

Is looting a thing you can get away with as long as you wear a suit? What if they find a way to make it legal. To institutionalize it. Does it cease to be looting?

One man kicks in a window and steals $500 worth of H&M shirts. Another prints billions in bailouts for his cronies. Only one of these things is a crime.

I’m struck by the juxtaposition.

Don’t talk about politics.

Not at the dinner table. Not at Thanksgiving. Not in a crypto newsletter.

“Crypto is a technology—it’s apolitical.”

Really? Who says technology isn’t political?

Was the printing press apolitical? How about the internet?

Crypto is political. It’s power to the individual. An equalizer. It’s access for the many.

If you find crypto unfriendly maybe you’re someone who wants to remain in power. Because crypto is only unfriendly to those who wish to dominate and control.

Crypto is peaceful protest. It’s opt-in. Never forced.

They want to divide us as right vs. left.

But this isn’t right vs. left.

This is top vs. bottom.

This is authoritarianism vs freedom and we are on the side of the free.

Burn it down?

The disadvantaged are getting trampled. We’re angry.

But burning isn’t our focus. That’s not where we’ll spend our energy.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

Building the new.

We don’t want to burn it down. We want to build it up.

We want to provide an open alternative to the world. A lifeboat. A better system.

We see the terrible juxtapositions in our societies and we choose to build.

That’s why we’re going bankless.


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