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Dear crypto natives,

If you’ve been tuning into my twitter feed you know there’s a revolution going on in the world of money. Ethereum, Bitcoin, crypto, open finance, DeFi—a bankless revolution. You’re here because you want to be part of it.

But how do you get started?

How do get better at it?

How do you front-run opportunity?

You need a guide. An opinion. A companion for the journey.

That’s why I created Bankless.

More than a newsletter

Bankless is more than a newsletter. It’s a dynamic guide. A program delivered to your inbox with one goal: to level up your open finance game every single week.

Why? So you can go bankless. So that you can hold, lend, borrow, earn, spend, invest, and stake your money in this crypto economy. So that you accrue crypto wealth slowly and achieve your financial goals. So you can learn how to crypto.

To do that, you’ll need to capture opportunities, implement tactics, and plan strategies. Using fiat money and traditional banks is easy. But crypto finance takes effort. You need a training program.

A consistent schedule is important. Every week Bankless will deliver:

  1. A rundown of open finance opportunities for you to capture (Mondays)

  2. A new tactic to learn and implement with actions steps (Tuesdays)

  3. A thought piece for strategy calibration (Thursday)

Plus some goodies. And surprises.

And every week you’ll level up.

What I’ll cover

I believe crypto is a revolution in the global money system that will play out over decades, not overnight. This revolution is about self-sovereign money and banking without intermediaries, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s a social movement. And a technology. With extreme risk. And yes, maybe massive upside. If the system works, and you navigate it well, crypto could be a way to accrue generational wealth over the long-term. But it’s not a sure thing.

So we don’t do short-cuts here.

That means I won’t help you:

  • Pick the next hot ICO

  • Trade short-term price movements

  • Find the next Ethereum killer

I will help you:

  • Determine which crypto money is worth holding

  • Show you ways to grow your crypto money

  • Teach you as much as I can about open finance

And if crypto works, you’ll front-run billions of future users. Like buying a .com domain and learning html in the early 1990s. If it fails massively, you could lose what you put in. Like holding Bear Stearns stock in 2008.

Crypto is refreshingly binary that way!

Who should subscribe?

The self-learner. The improver. The curious. An individual with a bit of tech and money literacy, a moderately high risk tolerance, and a deep desire to learn. Someone not afraid to question convention. I’m writing for the average open finance user.

So here’s the deal

For the next 60 days or so this program is free. In return, I only ask that you provide feedback as I refine the format and make improvements.

November 1 this program moves to $12 per month. Less than a Netflix subscription.

This is the investment I wish I had in my early years. In crypto, the right tax tip can save you thousands. A good lending deal can make you an extra 5%. Good insight is money. Don’t miss out.

Special offer for my early believers

If you subscribe before November 1, 2019 you’ll get Bankless 20% off forever as a thank you for being an early subscriber. No interruption in the program. Lock this down at no risk now. You can cancel anytime.

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On to a billion people

I want to help onboard a billion people to open finance over the next decade. As an early crypto user, you’re part of that mission. More users more value for all.

So hit that subscribe button, tweet it out, tell your friends.

I’ll send you a first edition the week of September 2nd. (Remember, it’s free for now)

This is going to be awesome.

Let’s get started.


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Not financial or tax advice. This newsletter is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Do your own research.