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Your action recap for the week of November 9th, 2020

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Dear Bankless Nation,

The world is waking up to crypto.

Paypal dropped the waitlist for U.S. customers earlier this week. Now, millions of people can access digital assets directly from their Paypal account while the U.S. Federal Reserve stated they’re exploring CBDCs.

Is the crypto bull run officially starting? 👀 (Watch weekly rollup for more)

All while BTC just became the 20th most valuable asset worldwide (ETH in top 200).

I wonder if FinTech like Paypal can keep up tho? Ethereum processed $800B in value so far this year, Bitcoin did about $774B, while Paypal only did $647B!

Compare that to market caps:

  • Bitcoin at $300B

  • Ethereum at $53B

  • Paypal at $223B?

Another alpha leak? It’s like traditional investors have no idea the Internet Bond just launched.

Let’s get to the recap.


P.S. Who’s else is wondering how much ETH it’ll take to retire?

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Recap for the week of November 9th, 2020


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These babies going for $602 this morning…ALPHA LEAK??

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