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Your weekly action recap for the week of July 6th!

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Dear Bankless Nation,

This podcast ep with Chris Burniske is a must-listen. If you only have time for one action item this week make it that one!

The badge stuff is getting fun too. MCDEX offered an incentive to badge holders this wk. And I’ll have another badge update tomorrow—yes the rare Sunday update!

We also dropped brainfood on protocol sink and yield farming this week too.

Speaking of brains—our podcast with Vitalik Buterin is coming Monday. Want to know what he thinks of the triple point asset thesis? It’s very juicy. Can’t wait for you to listen.

But for now…here’s your recap.


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Recap for the week of July 6th, 2020


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  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday

  2. Complete weekly assignment: How to trade ETH perpetual on MCDEX

  3. Listen to Bankless Episode #20: Ethereum Opportunity featuring Chris Burniske

  4. Listen to State of the Nation #4: HUNGRY

  5. Analyze the effects of Global Public Goods and The Protocol Sink Thesis

  6. Visualize the state of Yield Farming Games

  7. Share—What do you love about crypto?

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