The War on Crypto

The SEC wants to protect us from earning airdrops & interest. Do you feel protected?

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Dear Bankless Nation,

The SEC is investigating Uniswap Labs.

They want to sue Coinbase.

These are honest actors building valuable products. Doing it by the books is Coinbase’s entire business model. Both Uniswap and Coinbase have created a massive amount of wealth for U.S. citizens and increased financial access for the world.

So why is the US treating its most innovative tech companies like criminals?

The SEC was created to protect retail investors.

They’re protecting us from earning higher savings rates. They’re protecting us from financial access. They’re protecting us from ownership in next-generation protocols.

Do you feel protected?

Because I don’t.

I asked former CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintez last week if he thought Americans lived in a financial prison. I asked him if he thought the restrictions, barriers, and threats from aggressive regulators were starting to drive out the immense amount of human and financial capital from America.

He agreed…this current regime is chilling crypto innovation in the U.S.

So who’s asking for this stuff?

It’s not everyday Americans. It’s not retail investors. It’s not the crypto industry.

Cathie Wood of Ark Invest thinks it’s all a symptom of the banks fighting back. They’re worried about being “hollowed out” by DeFi. Now they’re calling in favors.

🎙️ We talked about this w/ Cathie Wood in an epic 90 min podcast that you absolutely can not miss! We’re releasing the full episode this weekend for Premium Members.

If Cathie’s right…it’s actually bullish.

The banks are scared.

But crypto has grown stronger while they’ve been sleeping. This is now a multi-trillion dollar industry backed by a fervent community. We have the capital. We have the people. And we’re on the right side of history. A powerful combination.

Coinbase can beat them in the courts.

We’ll beat them in the court of public opinion.

Here’s what’s lined up for next week:

  • Epic podcast dropping with Cathie Wood and Chris Burniske 🔥🔥🔥

  • We’re doing a panel on Loot! Gimme the loot

  • Ben’s going to show you how to get price exposure to Layer 2

Enjoy the weekend.


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