How to use crypto twitter to level up (Lite)

Including my picks for the 40 best follows on crypto twitter

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Dear Crypto Natives,

I didn’t use twitter much before crypto. I found it noisy. Too distracting. Yet unexpectedly, it’s become a foundational tool for leveling up in my crypto journey.

There are about a dozen platforms from github, to reddit, to telegram, to medium that form the social layer of crypto. This social layer is where real crypto governance happens. Not onchain. Not in coinvotes. Governance happens in these web 2.0 powered social platforms.

Of all the social platforms twitter holds a special place in crypto.

Twitter is a public square. Everyone’s there. Developers, shills, media, leaders, users, investors, miners, projects. It’s free form. Ideas get debated, memes get created, information gets disseminated. It’s messy, loud, and silly, but it’s also insightful, organic, and useful like nothing else for leveling up—if you know what you’re doing.

Today we’re going to learn how to use crypto twitter to level up.


P.S. See my picks for the 40 best twitter follows for learning crypto & open finance


Tactic #13:
How to use crypto twitter to level up

Everyone’s got an agenda

How to maximize crypto twitter

40 best follows on crypto twitter

A few weeks back I askedwho on twitter has taught you the most about crypto & open finance? This list is based on that response and also my own experience.

ETH Community—⁦mostly tweet about Ethereum

BTC Community—mostly tweet about Bitcoin

Open Finance—money protocols and open finance

Thinkers & Framers—

Technical—mostly crypto technical subjects

Media—crypto news and media

👉Here’s the above in twitter list form already compiled for you!

Final thoughts

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Filling out the skill cube

Learning how to level up using crypto twitter cards can expand your skills in all layers of the the skill cube. Awesome work!

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