Claim your Bankless Token Badge

All Bankless full members can now claim their Bankless NFT!

New members…read the note below…

⚠️ NOTE: badge links for new members are issued the 1st of every month!

Bankless badge claim links will be issued the first of every month! So if you join on July 5 you can expect to receive an email with your claim link from Lucas “” on August 1.

Dear Bankless Nation,

Last month we introduced the Bankless Token Badge. A few weeks ago, we launched Wave 1 for the first 100 members. Now we’re now excited to roll out Wave 2.

All full Bankless subscribers can now claim their Bankless Token Badge! Instructions below.

This token is your proof-of-membership for Bankless in 2020—it’s a member badge that gets you access to coming perks.

Why claim?

An amazon prime membership for DeFi? Kind of.

The Greeks said a coin was needed to pay Charon the ferryman to pass from the land of the living the land of the dead—a token for moving from one realm to the next.

I like that.

Think of this as your passport to the Bankless Nation.

A token for the new realm.


How to Self-Claim your Bankless Token

👉Watch DeFi Dad claim his Bankless Member Badge!


  • Must be a Full Member

  • Need Metamask or WalletConnect

  • Need ETH to pay for gas ($1-3 or so)


  1. Find NFT Claim email (search your inbox for

  2. Click your secret code link

  3. Input your ETH address or ENS name to receive badge

  4. Connect Metamask or WalletConnect

  5. Confirm your transaction & wait for it to complete!

That’s it! You’ve now received your Bankless Token! This is proof of your membership to Bankless for 2020. Keep it safe! We’ll use it for a lot of cool stuff in the future.

Where can I see my token?[YOUR ETH ADDRESS]#inventory

Use your token to vote in a governance decision!

Click here to vote in the first Bankless member poll once you’ve claimed your token.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Bankless token badge?

You know Amazon Prime? It’s a bit like that—but for crypto. Click here for details.

Who’s eligible?

All Full Members of the Bankless Program with active subscriptions.

Does it cost extra?

Nope! You’re eligible to get one as a Full Bankless Member. But you will have to pay gas fees in ETH to self-claim. Gas fees to mint will vary (currently between $1-3).

Rollout time?

We’re rolling this out in two phases:

  • Wave 1—first 100 can self-claim their token ✅

  • Wave 2—remaining members can self-claim their token ✅

  • Wave 3—New badges will be distributed 1x per month 👈(we are here)

Weren’t you going to send these to our ETH addresses?

We were. But then gas got expensive. And stayed expensive. So rather wait, we rolled out this self-claim option—you pay for gas but can get your token whenever!

How do I know if I qualified for a Bankless Token Badge?

If you’re a full Bankless subscriber, you qualify.

All existing subscribers should have received an email from with the subject line: “You can now claim your Bankless Token”. Check your spam filter!

I still have questions!

Ping @0xLucas in the Inner Circle Discord.