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Genesis week for a new internal-scaled organization

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Dear Bankless Nation,

Something new was born this week. This week…the Bankless DAO launched!

And I’m absolutely blown away at what it’s accomplished in its first 4 days of life.

I don’t think crypto has seen anything quite like this. A media and culture DAO for crypto’s social layer. You’ve heard us say it 1000 times—layer 0 is people.

This is a DAO to coordinate crypto’s layer 0.

Bankless started as a newsletter, grew into a media company, and is now in the process of turning into a global movement powered by you…the Bankless community. The Bankless DAO gives internet scale to the movement.

This is how we get to 1 billion people.

If you’re not involved in the DAO yet don’t worry—there’ll be plenty of opportunities to participate in the weeks ahead. Stay plugged in. Sign up for the DAO newsletter. Start contributing—you will get noticed!

Ask not what you the DAO can do for you, but what you can do for the DAO.

We’re building a bankless future one week at a time.

Here’s what’s lined up for the next one:

  • Crazy good Podcast with Vitalik on Legitimacy (early access here)

  • Kevin Owocki is dropping a hot piece on coordination failure

  • Ameen is going to teach you how to make bank off RAI arbitrage

Let’s get to the recap.


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Recap for the week of May 3rd, 2021


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  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday

  2. Participate in the Bankless DAO

  3. Learn The Never Sell Plan🔥

  4. Explore The Evolution from Crypto Pawn Shops

  5. Share any recent crypto texts you received from friends & family


  1. 🎙️ Listen to The Crypto Renaissance | Josh Rosenthal

  2. 📺 Watch VeeFriends | Gary Vee

  3. 📺 Watch SotN #45: Chainlink 2.0 | Chainlink God

  4. 📺 Watch Rollup: Uniswap V3 | BTC bank accounts | Bankless DAO | ETH ATH


  1. You are NFTs Fifth Estate

  2. The biggest week yet for NFTs?

  3. The NFT boom picks up steam


  1. 1st Edition of Week in Bankless DAO!

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