Exploring the Human Side of Ethereum
ETH/BTC Ratio looking primed and ready for a breakout. Is the flippening imminent?
EXCLUSIVE DEBRIEF: The Swiss Army Knife of Scaling | Polygon's Sandeep Nailwal & Mihailo BjelicListen now (44 min) | Debriefing the Episode with Sandeep & Mihailo
Exploring Polygon's Miden, DraftKings
The new COVID variant put crypto assets on sale
Founding CryptoKitties, StonerCats, and the ERC-721 Standard
Avastar Replicants, Decentraland land grab, Rarible launches messaging, & more!
Did your family ask about crypto? It was Thanksgiving in the U.S. yesterday. Did you talk about crypto? How did it go? What was your pitch? Share your experience!
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